Adele opens up about suffering from anxiety amid divorce

Adele has opened up about her divorce and shared that she suffered from an “anxiety attack” amid the fallout.

Speaking on Australian radio station Carrie & Tommy, the songstress shared that one of her in her upcoming album featured a voicemail she left to a when she was suffering from a panic attack.

At the time she was divorcing from her ex-husband Simon Konecki and shared that she was trying to put on a brave for her nine-year-old son Angelo when she was putting him to bed.

“It’s in the song about my son, it’s at the end, in the outro. I was really frightened,” she said.

“I was having an anxiety attack and I called my best to try to talk to her to calm me down but she didn’t bloody answer.

“It shines some light on… I’m talking about my son in the rest of the song, and once I put him to bed I can stop putting on that brave face.’

“So often mum is mum and dad is dad, and who they are outside that role is never really discussed in childhood. So it’s more that.

“And when he does get older he will understand, because life is going to hit him as well, of what I was going through.”

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