Alarm bells ring for Simon Cowell after ‘suspicious man loiters’ outside his home


Alarm bells rang at British music executive Simon Cowell’s house in London after a suspicious person lurking around was spotted.

According to a report by The Sun, the music producer’s staff was alarmed over the presence of a stranger seen on CCTV “loitering” around his London residence last week, and subsequently returning a few more times in the area.

Cowell, his partner Lauren Silverman and their son Eric, seven, were not at home at the time of the incident.

“He had been out at the time, but there were staff in the house and he was very concerned after he was told the man had been picked up on his CCTV,” a source told the outlet.

“Because of his past experience, Simon takes security very seriously. This man could have been a stalker or could have been scoping out his house, as well as others in their neighbourhood, as targets for a break-in, so Simon it was necessary to have a conversation with the police,” added the insider.

Later, it was confirmed by the Met Police that they had checked up on an address in London where no crimes were reported.

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