Ally Brooke Kicks Her Heel Into A Toxic Guy’s Chest In ‘No Good’ Video

Ally Brooke’s season of Dancing With The Stars is over, but you’d never know it after seeing her latest video.

In “No Good,” which arrived on Friday (January 31), Ally throws on her dancing shoes for another spin around the ballroom. This time, though, the only judge critiquing her is her conscience. “In the madness, what a feeling / I’m hung up, should be hanging it up,” Ally laments, unsure if she should go against her better judgement and give into someone who’s, well, “no good” for her. In the video, that drama plays out in a sensual choreographed routine that involves spins, lifts, dips, and Ally fiercely kicking her heeled boot into her partner’s chest. The intensity is real.

The former Fifth Harmony singer wrote in the vid’s YouTube description, “I really pushed and challenged myself in this one more than ever, but I had the most incredible time making it. It’s just me and the music.” She added that she only had five hours to learn the entire routine, which makes it all the more impressive. Get lost in her moves below.

Following the video’s release, Ally alluded to some of the hate she received during her time on Dancing With The Stars, on which she came in third place. “I DIDN’T LET THOSE H8ERS STOP ME FROM DANCING,” she tweeted. “You made fun of me and hurt me but didn’t STOP ME. Well look at me now!!!!”

“No Good” arrived back in November as the latest in a string of solo bops from Ally — she had previously released “Low Key,” “Lips Don’t Lie,” and “Higher.” She’s expected to release her debut solo album this year, and will take her moves on the road when her Time To Shine tour kicks off in March. In the meantime, can we get a recount on those Dancing With The Stars votes?!

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