Andrew Tate says he will kill France knife attacker

Social media influencer Andrew Tate used his account to react to the knife attack in France.

Reacting to the , he said he would not have let that happened in his presence.

He then announced that “I would kill that man and I would survive.”

The controversial social media star, who remained in custody in Romania for months, was reacting to the knife attack on Twitter.

Tate is currently under house arrest in Romania. Born in Chicago, the British American Tate moved to the United Kingdom after his parents got divorced.

Andrew Tate says he will kill France knife attacker

According to reports, a man armed with a knife attacked a group of pre-school children playing by a lake in the French Alps Thursday, wounding four as well as an adult and shockwaves through the country.

The suspect was identified as a Syrian in his early 30s who was granted refugee status in Sweden in April.

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