Angelina Jolie shares her thoughts on child marriage: ‘It’s such a horror’


Hollywood superstar and humanitarian Angelina Jolie, who has visited countries all over the world to raise awareness, made an impassioned plea about daughters.

The award winner actress  opened up on child marriage  during a Zoom call  with three youth activists from around the world, Muhammad Najem, Aisha Saleh, and Vinuki Bakmeedeniya.

Responding to an activist’s query about child marriage, Angelina  said: “It’s a very real thing. I was certainly always aware of this force for young girls to marry.”

Angelina emotionally added: “But then having daughters and seeing them at 12, 13, 14 and the idea that someone would take them as a wife, that they didn’t love or feel connected to or force them to…it’s such a horror.”

The Maleficent actress shared her thoughts on the issue during an online event that was held in conjunction with the UK release of the book  ‘Know Your Rights and Claim Them’, which Angelina co-authored.

The 46-year-old  celebrity got emotional when the group opened up about horrifying incidents that they’d witnessed.

Angelina Jolie said: “I started working on these issues before a lot of you were born and thought, ‘Well we can really make certain changes and do different things and try to improve.’ And it seems that the world has just become […] it has really broken to such a level that so much is happening.”

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