‘Anxious’ Khloe Kardashian has ’emotional trauma’ in her brain

Khloe Kardashian is seemingly going through a tough time in her life after Tristan Thompson split.

On episode two of The Kardashians, the 37-year-old took a brain scan showing signs of distress and anxiety.

Upon asking if Khloe had hit her head in the past, the mother-of-two revealed: “I went through a car windshield when I was 16, headfirst. I was knocked out and I actually hit my head a couple times more after that,” she explained.

Dr Daniel Amen revealed: “You worry, and you can be anxious and you’ve had trauma, do you see this diamond? This often will go with emotional trauma.”

Khloe then told him: “My last ex-boyfriend, there was a of cheating while I was pregnant.

“Then he just had a baby with someone else while we were together, all these things I find out about from social media myself – so it’s pretty traumatic,” she concluded.

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