Arab world’s first nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi reaches 100% capacity

DUBAI – The United Arab Emirates’ Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant has reached 100 per cent of the reactor power capacity for Unit 1 of the facility during testing, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) said in a statement.

The plant in the Al Dhafrah Region of Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, is the first nuclear power plant in the Arab world and part of the Gulf oil producer’s efforts to diversify its energy mix.

Commercial operations are expected to begin in early 2021, the statement on Monday (Dec 7) said.

Barakah’s Unit 1 was connected to the national power grid in August.

“Unit 1 is generating 1,400MW of electricity from a single generator connected to the UAE grid. This milestone makes the Unit 1 generator the largest single source of electricity in the UAE,” ENEC said.

When completed Barakah, which is being built by Korea Electric Power Corp, will have four reactors with 5,600 megawatts (MW) of total capacity.

Construction of Unit 3 is 93 per cent complete and Unit 4 is 87 per cent complete.

Unit 2 is complete and is awaiting licensing.

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