Argentinian satire on film-making featured at Venice Film Festival

VENICE: The Venice Film Festival got a interruption from its anguish-filled line-up with Saturday’s premiere of “Official Competition”, a behind-the-curtains Argentine satire astir film-making that had the assemblage laughing retired loud.

In it, an 80-year aged billionaire businessman successful hunt of societal prestige decides to marque a movie to permission his mark.

To fulfil his ambition, helium hires the best: maverick manager Lola Cuevas, played by Penelope Cruz, and 2 actors with large endowment but adjacent bigger egos.

One is simply a Hollywood star, impersonated by Antonio Banderas. The other, played by Argentine histrion Oscar Martinez, is simply a high-brow theatre purist, with extremist views astir personage and commercialized entertainment.

From the get-go, the 2 are connected a collision course, and the director’s eccentric methods for immersing them successful quality lone adhd to the tension, making for immoderate farcical scenes.

To elicit fear, they are made to rehearse portion sitting beneath a precariously suspended boulder. In different scene, the brace are cling-wrapped unneurotic for bonding.


Argentine directors Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn said they to amusement what happens connected acceptable and the tactics actors with antithetic backgrounds usage to hole for rehearsals.

Speaking to reporters aft a property screening astatine the Venice movie showcase, wherever “Official Competition” is vying for the apical Golden Lion award, they said inspiration had travel from the idiosyncratic experiences of their ain cast.

Banderas said helium erstwhile worked other an histrion who would bellow earlier a scene. “The archetypal clip helium did it, I thought it was a cow,” helium said.

He added that it had been refreshing to marque a comic movie astatine a clip erstwhile “laughing seems to beryllium forbidden”: a notation to the planetary gloom from the coronavirus pandemic.

The movie explores cosmopolitan themes and emotions, specified arsenic envy, under-confidence, contention betwixt professionals and people’s narration with success, helium said.

The festival runs until September 11.

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