Backstreet Boys announce Christmas Tour cancelation plans for covid-19

The Backstreet Boys have officially decided to cancel their plans for a Christmas Tour, as well as their upcoming Holiday album, owing to covid-19 restrictions.

The news was announced as part of a statement issued by the entire group on Instagram and it read, “We are so excited and proud of what we have and the way it’s all coming together.”

“We feel that this is one of our best creations yet and that this creation deserves the best possible scenario and up for success.”

The band also went on to say, “With the current state of the world still limiting our travel and causing small things in these processes to take much longer, we have decided to wait until 2022 to release our Christmas album and subsequently will be canceling our limited Las Vegas run of Christmas shows.”

“While we are disappointed, we know this is for the best and we absolutely cannot wait to share the magic of this album with all of you when the time is right!”

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