BamBam shares update about his next solo album

Thai K-Pop idol BamBam from GOT7 grabbed some attention as he shared news about working on his next solo album while speaking to the Filipino press after his fan signing event in Manila.

According to Bandwagon Asia, BamBam stated “I’m currently working on my next album. This time, it’s not such a bright concept and it’s a big project in my right now.”

“I’m really looking forward to it so I hope you guys will too,” he added.

If the intended album is released this year, it would be marked as BamBam’s second solo record of 2022 following the release of mini-album B in January.

B was itself a follow-up to his first solo mini album riBBon released in June 2021.

This album was the first release marked under the label of Abyss after the departure of GOT7 from their long-time agency JYP Entertainment last January.

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