Benedict Cumberbatch says he likes to bring diversity in films through his roles

Benedict Cumberbatch said he likes to play characters of diverse sexuality in his films.

The Sherlock actor said that his choice should not be affected by his own sexual orientation.

According to Cumberbatch, he is “very sensitive” about representation and diversity in the movie industry but does not think his own sexual orientation should stop him taking on parts such as cattle rancher Phil in his new movie The Power of the Dog.

“Is this a thing where our dance card has to be public? Do we have to explain all our private moments in our sexual history? I don’t think so,” Cumberbatch said, according to

“I feel very sensitive about representation, diversity, and inclusion. One of the appeals of the job was the idea that in this world, with this specific character, there was a lot that was private, hidden from view,” he said at the Telluride Festival of his character that develops an unexpected chemistry with his brother’s stepson Peter played by Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Cumberbatch has also played a gay mathematician Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

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