Billie Eilish Thought Her Oscars Performance Was ‘Trash’

Remember when Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas stunned the world with their cover of the Beatles’ “Yesterday” at last weekend’s Oscars? We called it a “moving” and “beautiful” performance, but Eilish has another word for it: “trash.”

In a FaceTime interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Friday (February 14), the 18-year-old appeared from her bed and revealed that she’s been under the weather since the Academy Awards.

“I was sick for all of the Oscars, I bombed that performance,” she said. “That was trash.” Lowe, for the record, did not agree with Eilish, but conceded that she’s allowed to be her own toughest critic.

Further reflecting on the glitzy awards show, Eilish admitted that she felt like a fish out of water in the “scary” Hollywood environment — especially on the heels of last month’s Grammys, where she was the belle of the ball. (In case you forgot: She took home five awards that night and made history as the youngest artist to sweep the four major categories.)

“At least the Grammys wasn’t as scary because it was, like, artists, and it felt like my people,” she said. “It was like, ‘Oh, look, a bunch of artists!’ And I knew a lot of them already and I’d met them and they knew of me. But the Oscars, I’m like, these are movie stars.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Eilish discussed her gorgeous, somber James Bond theme song, “No Time To Die,” which arrived on Thursday. She said the idea to record a song for the 007 franchise came two years ago, and she and Finneas had “subconsciously” been working on it ever since. “Two years ago we were like, ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy to make a song for the Bond movies? Wouldn’t that be dope?’” she said.

While the thought process for “No Time To Die” took a while, the recording session was super quick. “We got a piece of the script, like the first scene, and then we wrote the song immediately,” she dished. “We wrote it in thee days and we wrote it in Texas and we recorded it in a bunk on the bus in a basement in the dark.”

And the rest is history. Listen to Eilish’s “No Time To Die” here, and check out her interview with Lowe above.

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