Bop Shop: Songs From Halsey, Grimes, Ari Lennox, And More

Mickey Mouse grabbed a microphone and hopped in the booth after sucking the helium out of a balloon. Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks had a midlife crisis and released his first rap song. That “eeh, ur!” sound from Roddy Ricch’s hit song, “The Box,” figured out that it’s more than a fire ad-lib and wanted to pursue its own rap career. The seemingly endless jokes about Atlanta rapper 645AR’s voice have catapulted him to near-viral fame. His squeaky voice is unlike anything else.

His new song, “4 Da Trap,” is hilariously on-brand. Over a melancholy meltdown of 808s, 645AR reflects on days of scraping cents to get something to eat to now “having racks” whenever he wants. At least that’s what the lyrics claim. It’s nearly impossible to make out exactly what he’s saying, but it’s just as hard to not be absorbed by it. It might be leading some big conversations in rap right now, but “4 Da Trap” might be the tiniest song you’ll ever hear. —Trey Alston

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