Britney Spears makes surprising confession amid family drama

Britney Spears recent meltdown made her realise that how much she ‘misses’ her estranged family.

The Toxic crooner has expressed her desire to reconnect with her “absolutely beautiful” family members, including her mother Lynne Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn’s children, despite a long-standing feud that began after her 13-year conservatorship ended in November 2021.

She even shared a photo with them, hinting at a possible reconciliation.

Taking to Instagram, she penned in a now deleted post: “We all have issues with our family but dear God you can’t help how much you love them. I’m not in this picture but I sure as hell feel like I am.”

The singer uploaded a picture of her mum, Jamie, nieces Maddie, 15 and Ivey Joan, 6, and Jamie Lynn’s mother-in-law Holly Watson.

“On a side note … If you know me, I’ve always ended up at this kids (sic) table at every function I’ve ever been to !!! Anyways … I’m posting this pic because my family is absolutely beautiful and I miss them … I wanted to share this pic because although I’m not in it … I sure as hell felt as though I was !!!,” she wrote in a lengthy post on her social media.

The Womanizer vocalist has shared a concerning update about her health, revealing a severely swollen foot, just days after an incident at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles.

The incident involved a reported fight with her boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz, which led to an ambulance being called.

Despite the alarming swelling, Britney downplayed the severity of the injury, stating she had simply twisted her ankle and criticising the paramedics for overreacting. She claimed that all she “needed was ice” to treat the injury, and that the dramatic response was unnecessary.

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