Britney Spears responds to ‘overblown’ investigation or striking employees


An insider close to Britney Spears’ legal team has officially issued a response to the allegedly ongoing investigation against her by a former employee who claims the singer ‘struck them’ during the course of their employment.

They began by telling Yahoo Entertainment, that the entire issue is an “overblown tabloid story.”

According to the insiders, there was no physical altercation between Britney and her employee, and also stand firm on the claim that nobody was injured during the incident.

For those unversed with the issue, the outlet reports, “On Monday at approximately 10:25 am, there was a dispute between Ms. Spears and one of her members inside Ms. Spears’ home.”

“The member reported that during the dispute, Ms. Spears struck her. There were no injuries during the incident. Deputies responded to Ms. Spears’ home and conducted an investigation.”

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