Camila Cabello shuts down Met Gala ice purse speculations

Camila Cabello has recently shut down ice purse speculations which she used at the 2024 Met Gala.

During an appearance on the latest episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on June 12, the songstress revealed, “There was a rumour, by the way, that your purse was $25,000 or something.”

“I saw this TikTok that had a bunch of comments and likes that was like, ‘Camila Cabello is getting cancelled because she spent $25,000 on this ice purse,’” replied Camila.

The singer mentioned, “I was like ‘Guys, it’s water, frozen. You can make it at home! It’s however much water costs plus a rose that we got from Etsy.’”

Camila explained how the purse broke moments before she graced the Met gala event in New York City.

“Somebody accidentally moved it and before I get my picture taken the clutch completely breaks,” she recalled.

The pop star revealed, “I have poet laureate Amanda Gorman, rising actress Rachel Sennott, Kaia Gerber, Emma Chamberlain, they all turn around and they’re like [gasps], because my purse just broke.”

She stated, “I was just stressed because this was unplanned and this is the thing that you least want to have happen is like a bunch of famous people looking at you having a breakdown during the line before you take your picture at the Met Gala.”

At the time, the singer told Extra that the custom Jane Wade purse was a nod to the “The Garden of Time” dress code and “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” theme.

“I feel like it is impermanence and things decaying over time and the beauty in that,” she told the outlet.

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