Captain Marvel Is Leaving The ’90s Behind For A Modern Sequel

Carol Danvers is about to take over movie theaters once more.

It looks like a sequel to Captain Marvel is officially in the works, and this time it’s going to take the superhero out of the ’90s and bring her into the present.

Marvel has asked Megan McDonnell, a staff writer on the upcoming Scarlet Witch and Vision-centric series WandaVision, to work on a script for the follow-up to one of 2019’s biggest hits.

While McDonnell is still in final talks to seal the deal, it looks like great lengths are being taken to make sure it’s going to feature women at the helm. Marvel is currently looking for a female filmmaker to take over the project as the studio is planning for a 2022 release date.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any story details just yet beyond the new chronological setting. Given the nostalgia of the ’90s played such a large role in the first movie, it’ll be interesting to see how things shift for the follow-up.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that another Captain Marvel-centered film is in the works, though. In its opening weekend alone, the film raked in a dizzying amount of money: $455 million in worldwide box office sales. In fact, its earnings allowed it to claim the spot for the biggest weekend opening box office earnings for a female fronted-film ever. That’s some true girl power, right there.

So if you’re still looking to take your Captain Marvel fandom higher, further, and faster, you might want to start counting down the days to 2022. There should be plenty of tasty reveals between now and then. The one thing we have to know though, above anything else, is if Goose the cat will be reprising his role, and if it will be a bigger one than before. Those are the important questions.

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