Cardi B faces high-end fashion frustrations as voluptuous curves defy size norms

Cardi B addresses ongoing challenges of finding designer outfits that complement her voluptuous curves.

Despite her notable features gracing the covers of prestigious magazines like Vogue and headlining campaigns for brands like Balenciaga, the 31-year-old reveals the persistent hurdles she and her stylist, Kollin Carter, encounter in curating her iconic red carpet looks.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she emphasizes the struggle of navigating the fashion industry’s standards, asserting that her body, characterized by ample hips and curves, diverges from the conventional size 2 mold.

Despite facing closed doors, the rapper asserts her resilience and the undeniable skill of her styling team.

Kollin highlights how her trailblazing style has inspired a new wave of female rappers to aspire for similar fashion recognition, asserting their role as trendsetters.

With numerous appearances on best-dressed lists and multiple Vogue covers—including editions from the US, Mexico, and Singapore—Cardi’s fashion prowess is undeniable.

Cardi B discloses her journey through cosmetic procedures, including four breast augmentations, liposuction, a rhinoplasty, and illegal silicone butt injections, which she is in the process of removing.

Following the birth of her son Wave in 2021, the rapper has intensified her fitness regimen, dedicating two hours daily to workouts.

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