Cardi B says ‘people don’t deserve’ to listen to her struggles in her music

Cardi B is split between her desire to channel her emotions through her music and her disdain for listeners who use her vulnerability against her.

In her latest cover story with Rolling Stone, the 31-year-old rapper opened up about her reluctance to address her personal life, relationships, and politics in her music.

“I really want to talk about the life changes that I’ve been dealing with the past six, seven years,” she admitted, before noting, “But then it’s just like, I feel like people don’t deserve to know because people use my pain against me.”

The Bodack Yellow hitmaker then reflected on all the public controversies she’s found herself in over the years, noting that she has become “a lonely sufferer.”

“When I was off social media and nobody knew what I was doing, I was at peace a lot,” she reflected, before adding, “but what am I going to do? Never post or never work again because that’s peace? No.”

The Grammy-winner expressed that she continues to push through the constant public pressure and scrutiny to “set an example” for her children.

Earlier this week, the WAP rapper declared that she’s no longer releasing an album this year despite her initial plans to do so.

Taking to her X (previously Twitter), Cardi replied to a fan’s post suggesting she “pull back from social media” as “transparency backfires of her fans weirdo entitlement.”

Cardi wrote, “Exactly and I tell myself this all the time… and I hate that I fall back and start interacting again and it bites me in the a**… anyway NO album this year I don’t care I’m relaxing this year… Dropping these features I already committed to and traveling and enjoying my summer.”

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