Carrie Underwood didn’t want kids until she met Mike Fisher

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American singer has revealed she never imagined having a family before she National Hockey League (NHL) star . The couple is parents to Isaiah, five, and Jacob, one. The Before He Cheats hitmaker said she and Mike had different ideas about family when they first met.

While Carrie never saw herself getting married or having a family, the former ice hockey player wished to replicate his own childhood. “I was never good with other people’s kids. Why would I be good with one of my own?” Carrie was quoted as saying by Female First website.

Meanwhile, Mike said: “I grew up with three siblings and I had a great mom and dad. I just wanted something similar. I dreamed of, to be the best dad, to be like my dad and have a wife like my mom, have kids and [live] in the country. I got everything and more than I dreamed of to be really honest.”

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