Centre to spend Rs3b to purchase Karachi’s Green Line buses


The federal government will Rs3 billion on the purchase of 80 buses for the Green Line Bust Rapid Transit project in Karachi.

The board of directors of the Sindh Infrastructure Development Company, a subsidiary of the federal government, has approved the purchase.

Ten international automakers have been issued tenders to manufacture the buses, which will start arriving in the country by the mid of 2021.

The Green Line project was initiated by the then PML-N government in 2016. Its estimated was Rs25 billion.

The project was to be completed in 2017 but the PML-N could not finish the job in time. The PTI government has announced several dates for the project’s completion since 2018.

In a July 2020 briefing, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Planning and Development was informed that the Green Line BRT service will start between March and June 2021.

But Sindh Transport Minister Awais says the project can’t be completed by then. The Sindh government offered assistance to the federation but it declined, he claims.

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