Chrissy Teigen praises anchor Steve Kornacki for endless 2020 election coverage


The anxiety levels of every US citizen are rising with every passing minute as the continue to be a tight race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The public is glued to their television screens, struggling against the idea of not having their favourite candidate being elected as the president.

All of these minute to minute bulletins would not have been possible if it were not for the US media having sleepless nights, working tirelessly to keep the citizens updated. With continuous three-day , MSNBC’s Steve is receiving appreciations on social media for his ongoing air-time, informing audiences on the latest poll numbers, and sharing his election analysis.

“Twitter world: anyone know where I can send @SteveKornacki a fruit basket or something to thank him for holding my sanity together the last few days? Seems like the guy has earned it,” one Twitter user shared.

Many other celebrities, including author Teigen, shared a picture on her Twitter handle where she could be seen rubbing her eyes, trying to avoid sleep.

“I honestly dunno how steve is still going im bout to die,” Teigen captioned the picture.

Billy Eichner as well passed on a humorous comment on the anchor: “I’m gonna be honest – I don’t like that they let Steve Kornacki take a nap.”

“His shirt belongs in the Smithsonian. Unwashed,” Katie Couric commented on the Comments by Celebs Instagram post.

Steve has been so invested in his job lately that several people also pointed out that the anchor might not even have left the office and has constantly been wearing the same shift for the past 24 hours.

“So…I’m not judging. Not criticizing. But Steve Kornacki is wearing the same clothes as yesterday, right? Has the guy left the set since Tuesday?” a Twitter user wrote.

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