David Dobrik Reminisces On Marrying His Best Friend’s 75-Year-Old Mom

YouTubers are kinda sorta known for pulling pranks, and David Dobrik is certainly no exception. In May, Dobrik married Lorraine Nash, the 75-year-old mother of his best friend and fellow Vlog member, Jason Nash. And yesterday (January 21), he reminisced on their wedding, honeymoon, and yes, divorce on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“Yeah, I got married,” Dobrik admitted before diving deeper into why he decided to marry his best friend's mother. “I was sitting in the car with [Nash] and he told me that I would never find love,” the Vlog Squad member said. Not long after, Dobrik booked a flight to Nash's 's hometown of Boston and proposed to her right then and there.

Of course, Lorraine was initially shocked by Dobrik's . But once he clued her in on why he wanted to marry her so badly, she was totally on board. “She was very confused, but then when I told her I wanted to become my buddy's stepdad, she was 100 percent in and she thought it was the greatest thing,” the YouTube said.

Not long after that, the newly engaged couple jetted off to Las Vegas, where they exchanged vows and took wedding photos. And yes, the newlyweds did honeymoon together in Hawaii, as many couples do after their special day. “After Vegas, I quickly took her to Hawaii,” Dobrik said. “This was all within three or four days without my buddy knowing.” The best part? The entire thing was documented on Dobrik's channel for our amusement.

Following their honeymoon, the 23-year-old creator returned to Los Angeles so that he could finally reveal the exciting news to Nash, his new stepson. “He thought I was going for work and then I came back and I showed him all the papers that I'm like legally now his stepdad,” the YouTuber explained. And luckily, everyone (including Nash) thought the prank was funny. “Everyone had a good laugh so it was definitely worth it,” Dobrik said.

Sadly, Mr. and Mrs. Dobrik are no longer together. When Fallon asked if the two are still legally married, Dobrik explained that they've since gotten divorced. And as it turns out, getting a marriage annulled is not as simple as he once thought. “That took me like six months to get it annulled,” he said. “It was just a pain in the ass.” Well, lesson learned.

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