DBS investigating duplicate deductions reported by credit and debit card users

SINGAPORE – DBS Bank customers have flagged a glitch in the lender’s banking services, with several of them saying that they were twice for transactions made on credit and debit cards.

The bank said on Friday (June 18) that it is aware of duplicate transactions on selected cards and is investigating to make refunds.

DBS, Singapore’s largest bank, said in a Facebook post on Friday morning that it is identifying and fixing the issue.

“Please be assured that any duplicated transactions will be refunded,” the bank said.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused and seek your understanding,” it added.

Many users said they were unable to log in to their accounts through the app or Internet banking portal.

One message said: “We are experiencing heavy traffic to our services. You will be redirected shortly, Alternatively, please log in later.”

One of the customers affected by the duplicate deductions is housewife Asyura Irfan.

The 37-year-old told The Straits that she was charged $11.70 twice for a transaction made on Grab on Monday, while her husband similarly had $29 deducted twice from his account for a Giant supermarket purchase on Tuesday. They are both using POSB debit cards.

Her mother was also charged $54 twice for a purchase on booking platform Klook, she added. The amount for the purchase on Tuesday was deducted on Thursday, but another deduction was made on Friday for the same purchase

“As of now, I am unable to login to the POSB app,” said Madam Asyura on Friday morning.

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