Delta Air Lines Expands With New Gates at Salt Lake City Airport

Delta Air Lines continues to expand at Utah’s Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), celebrating the opening of five additional gates this week.

The additions follow the initial launch of a new 900,000-square-foot Concourse A in September 2020. The new eastern portion of Concourse A will feature as many as 22 gates and 19 restaurants and shops.

Additional gates will open later this summer, and the entire portion will be operational by October 31, 2023.

On the heels of the recent growth, the Atlanta-based airline is scheduled to operate more than 230 peak-day flights from Salt Lake City to nearly 90 destinations worldwide.

“Delta operates more flights out of SLC than all other carriers combined,” Adam Ryan, Managing Director of Delta’s SLC Operations, said in a statement. “And the latest phase of this exciting airport project is complete in time to support one of our busiest summer seasons yet. Delta’s Salt Lake City team of more than 5,000 is ready to get our customers where they want to go and grateful to the Department of Airports for their partnership in helping us to do that even more efficiently.”

Earlier this year, Delta agreed to a new lease with SLC that extends to 2044 and increases Delta’s gate count from 55 to 66, with anticipated completion in 2027.

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