DGCA suspends AirAsia India pilot for runway incursion

NEW DELHI: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has suspended the flying licence of an AirAsia India captain for three months, for runway incursion at Mumbai Airport last year. The regulator took this decision after probing the airline’s flight I5-374 which was preparing to depart from Mumbai for Indore on November 5 when it mistakenly entered the active runway without clearance.

“Investigation has revealed that air traffic control (ATC) instructed I5-374 to hold at holding point of runway (32). First officer (co-pilot) read back ATC instructions correctly and briefed the same to PIC (pilot in command). However, PIC breached the holding point runway 32,” a senior DGCA official said.

DGCA had issued show cause notice to PIC and first officer to submit their explanation on this lapse. “PIC accepted his lapses. DGCA has suspended the ATPL (commander licence) held by the PIC for a period of three months,” the official said.

The pilots were operating an Airbus 320 (VT-PNQ).

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