Doja Cat recalls ‘horrid health’ status amid viral red carpet moment

American rapper Doja Cat recently weighed in on everything that went on behind the scenes, during her viral red carpet appearance.

The star weighed in on everything during her interview with Entertainment Tonight.

There, she explained the reasons for going for the look in the first place, and chalked it up to being “something she wanted to transform.”

Recalling the moments before the big transformation, she even admitted, “I got to Paris, and I did a few shows before Schiaparelli. Super smooth, super easy, fun, loved it. I didn’t realize I had to get up at four in the morning [the day of the show] to get there by five or something.”

“So we get there, and I didn’t realize till I sat down in the chair that I had gastroenteritis. So I had gotten super ill.”

“The whole crew was so sweet. The whole glam team was so understanding and so sensitive and kind. It was great and very professional. I was trying to joke around and make light of the situation, but as time progressed, it only got worse.”

Doja Cat recalls ‘horrid health’ status amid viral red carpet moment

“My stomach felt like there was a blade in it, and it was just spinning 100 miles per hour. I never felt pain worse than that — and on one of the most important days of my life! So it was full of emotions and just crazy feelings.”

Amid this illness, Cat still “had my arms out, I was sitting down, and I had underwear and a bandeau on” for hair and makeup.

“They started with a layer of red paint, and they just covered me in that and then a layer of glue, and then I think they dusted glitter on top. Then the crystals. And I would have one, two, three, four people on my body as this was happening, just all around me, working on different sections of my body.”

at the end, despite her ailing health, Cat admits she’s “very, very proud” of the vision.

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