Finland reopens to travellers from the UK


Finnish border restrictions have now eased, allowing travellers from the UK who have been vaccinated to enter with no additional or testing requirements.

Travellers must have had their complete vaccination course at least 14-days prior to arrival and can present their NHS app Covid-19 Pass or a vaccination status letter on arrival.

Finland is currently on the UK amber list, meaning vaccinated travellers can return from Finland without the need to quarantine.

Kristiina Hietasaari, director of Visit Finland, said: “We look forward to welcoming UK travellers back to explore our 188,000 lakes, the forest which covers more than 70 per cent of our land and of course cities such as our capital Helsinki, renowned for its artistic and cultural offerings as well as its vibrant and innovative culinary scene.

“Across the country our tourism industry looks forward to warmly welcoming visitors from the UK for a safe travel experience.”

Finland is known for its amazing destinations and outdoor adventures, travellers can enjoy the country where space, privacy and the great outdoors come as standard.

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