From fab to flab! Rebekah Vardy’s transformation will leave you in splits

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Putting on weight is a common fear during this Coronavirus-caused lockdown. However, England football star Jamie Vardy’s wife prefers to deal with the issue in a lighter vein. While most celebs are posting pictures and videos of their workouts and chiselled frames, Rebekah uploaded this picture (right) on social media, showing off her flabs, a term she coined for her flabby abs.

Former model Rebakah, a mother of five, admitted that her weight-gain is because of excessive eating which included eating cookies and drinking wine.

“I’ve seen a lot of pics of people’s amazing abs in lockdown so thought I’d share my cute little [FL]abs with you as well,” Rebekah, 38, wrote on Instagram, going on to explain her daily diet. “For anyone interested in following my lockdown eating plan, it involves three quite healthy meals per day with my family, then I top up with a consistent intake of three cookies in between meals and after meals. Then, I make sure I’m keeping myself well hydrated with wine in the evenings,” added Rebekah, concluding with a cheeky line: “I also do yoga.”

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