Google is Making App That Combines Gmail, Drive and More

Google has several different standalone apps for chatting and getting work done including Gmail, Hangouts, Hangouts Meet, Google Drive, etc. They are reportedly working on combining all of these to create a unified communications app for workers to make it easier to stay up to date with each app and boost productivity.

This new app will become a part of the GSuite productivity tools and is currently being tested by the Google Cloud team. It will serve as a direct rival to other productivity apps from competitors such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

There is not much detail on this new app yet and Google has declined to comment on the leak. However, the incentive here is clear since Google services and apps have a large userbase but often turn to other apps such as Slack to get work done.

As mentioned before, details on this leak are still scarce and it is unclear how the all-in-one functionality will work. Will we be able to hold a video conference while reading a colleague’s email all in one app? Who knows.

We expect all such questions to be answered soon as more leaks about the mysterious all-in-one app surface.

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