Hailey Baldwin candidly defends her ‘nice girl’ status

Hailey Baldwin is known for being the ‘nice girl’ within the entertainment industry however, many others attempt to ruin her reputation each and every day.

As a result of all the hate the singer decided to clear the air regarding every misrepresentation during her recent interview on Graham’s podcast.

There she defended herself against the ‘fake Christian’ tag and was quoted saying, “I was definitely not a crazy teenager. I was really well-behaved. I was homeschooled too so not really getting into any trouble. Maybe took a sip of vodka when I was 16 in a friend’s basement. And that was extreme to me.”

While she has separated herself from her ’s preferred congregation, she continues to practice the religion at her own accord.

“One thing that I definitely struggled with, with faith, at a young age, was guilt. If I do this, then God is going to be mad at me. In my household — I don’t think my parents meant to — but it felt like fear-based Christianity … At the same time, the Bible is so much about forgiveness.”

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