Hailey Bieber spills the beans behind Justin Bieber’s help throughout therapy

Hailey spills the beans behind everything her husband Justin Bieber did for her during her time in therapy.

According to a report by Metro UK, the model was quoted saying, “The way I’ve dealt with a lot of the negative attention is, I’ve talked it through with a therapist. I’m married to someone that’s been dealing with this a lot longer than I have, like the highest level it could possibly be.”

“Being able to share that world with somebody that understands it even better than I do has been so helpful. My beliefs are a very big part of my life. Being able to take all the burdens I feel and being able to release that and pray about it… and to have my own conversation with God is extremely important to me.”

During the course of her interview, Hailey also bashed all the haters going after Justin’s Lyme disease diagnosis and claimed, “With Lyme disease, it definitely makes you more aware of your health.”

“A lot of people don’t believe it’s real, and a lot of people think it’s BS. ‘But I’ve had it before, I’ve dealt with it. My husband has it and deals with it very deeply.”

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