Heather Watson finds Courtney Duffus calm and level-headed

Britain’s tennis star Heather Watson, ranked No. 75 in the world, says her footballer boyfriend Courtney Duffus, has been a positive influence in her life, both on and off the court.

Watson told The Herald Scotland: “Actually since we both met each other, we’re both doing a lot, lot better. I don’t like to let boys have too much influence over me but he has really been a good influence. He’s so calm, level-headed. I think you all know I’m quite emotional. He’s just really, really supportive.”

“He gets up at all hours of the night, he watched all my matches in Hobart. I just need that. When I met him, at that stage of my life I had no interest in boys. I thought they were the worst. I didn’t want a boyfriend for a long, long time so for me it was just going to be a fun night. Nice meal, meet someone new and then that’s it,” she added.

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