Here’s Wife Guy Joe Jonas’s Valentine’s Day Tribute To Sophie Turner

Love is in the air, and it looks like Joe Jonas is letting it take him over, all in the name of wife Sophie Turner.

Amid rumors that the couple are expecting their first child together, Jonas took to Instagram on Valentine’s Day to post a sweet set of tributes to Turner. Both were simple but heartwarming gestures that got the message across loud and clear: Joe’s very much in love with the Queen of the North.

First, Joe posted a simple photo of Sophie twirling around as she walked down a gorgeous lane lined with trees in Milan. His caption? An elegant black heart emoji. It isn’t quite the clue-laden hint at whether he and Sophie are expectant parents, but it does loudly communicate that the pair truly dig each other’s company. And how carefree does Sophie look in this moment?


The second photo Joe shared was to his Instagram Story, where he’s sporting a whole makeup look alongside Sophie, and if we may say so, he’s totally rocking it.

It’s all so romantic we can hardly think straight. Neither party has given us any indication today, however, that a baby Jonas may be on the way at some point – and many of us were looking forward to some sort of confirmation on a day like this to make things extra heartwarming.

“The couple is keeping things very hush hush but their friends and family are super excited for them,” one source reportedly told JustJared earlier this week on Wednesday (February 12). If it’s true, we’re sure the couple will divulge details all in good time. For now, it looks like they’re content to spend this romantic day appreciating each other.

And Joe, that’s what a man gotta do to show off how much he appreciates his significant other.

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