I Played Liaison for Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom During Their Break

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Matchmaker! Sia revealed in a new interview that she helped and Orlando get back together in 2018 after they split.

The “Chandelier” singer, 44, told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, August 12, that she was in contact with both the American Idol judge, 35, and the Pirates of the Caribbean star, 43, without the other knowing.

“I’d be on the phone with Orlando and have call waiting with Katy trying to call me,” Sia recalled.

Sia Furler at the Annie Premiere Sia Recalls Helping Katy Perry Out of Breakdown During Orlando Bloom Break

Perry and Bloom started dating in January 2016 after meeting at a Golden Globes afterparty. They announced in a joint statement to Us Weekly in March 2017 that they were “taking respectful, loving space,” only to reconcile their romance less than one year later. They got engaged in February 2019 and announced this March that they are expecting their first child together, a girl. (Bloom also shares son Flynn, 9, with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.)

The “Teenage Dream” singer told the Times on Wednesday that she wrote “Never Worn White,” a song on her forthcoming album, Smile, after reuniting with the actor. When she it for him for the first time, “he was very moved,” she said, calling the track “the most personal gift I can give.”

Sia Recalls Helping Katy Perry Out of Breakdown During Orlando Bloom Break

Around the same time that Perry and Bloom took a , her 2017 album, Witness, failed to achieve the success that she had hoped for. She also had a bout with clinical depression that same year.

“I think the universe was like, ‘OK, all right, let’s have some humble pie here,’” she told the Times. “My negative thoughts were not great. They didn’t want to plan for a future. I also felt like I could control it by saying, ‘I’ll have the last word if I hurt myself or do something stupid and I’ll show you’ — but really, who was I showing?”

Again, the Grammy nominee sought comfort in Sia, who looked back on Perry’s “real breakdown” and how far she has come during Wednesday’s interview.

“She’s on stage with 10 candied lollipops and clowns and dancers, selling the dream, the joy, the happiness — and that’s really hard sometimes when you’re not feeling it yourself,” the songwriter told the newspaper. “I knew she was driven and ambitious, that was clear from the beginning. But I didn’t realize that she was so reliant on that validation for her psychological well-being. She did say, ‘I feel lost.’ I think it was a big kick to her ego, but it was the best thing that could have ever happened to her, really, because now she can make music for the fun of it. Getting number ones does nothing for your inside.”

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