Jamie Spears rejects Britney Spears’s decision to have lawyers speak on her behalf


Jamie Spears has taken yet another jibe at Britney Spear’s legal wishes and has challenged her desire to have her lawyer speak on her behalf during court hearings.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Britney’s father has been arguing over her lawyer’s alleged ‘unlimited ’ in her conservatorship case.

Jamie believes Britney herself has a right to be heard during her hearings and does not need a by proxy to be her “exclusive voice” on the matter.

This legal snub comes shortly after Britney was granted permission to “expand her legal ” on her own accord. For the unversed, the real reason Britney demanded this expansion is because Jamie’s plans for her future differ from that of her own.

Reportedly, Jamie has been aiming for a “vision of a future in which she resumes performing and leaves the management of her estate completely to him as she did in the past” however, that is not on Britney’s agenda what so ever.

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