Jennifer Aniston says her teenage rebellion was eating bad food

American actor Jennifer Aniston is letting fans in on her decision to take her health more seriously, all thanks to her mother.

The 52-year-old Murder Mystery actor looked back at her teenage years and how she rebelled against her mother and refused to eat anything healthy.

“My mom was a big health junkie. “When I was a kid, I didn't get any of the fun Froot Loops or Captain Crunches or Wonder Breads,” she E!.

“I was wheat germ and oatmeal, every kind of sprouted anything. My mom was always very health conscious and she did yoga, and so I grew up in it,” she shared.

“My sort of teenage rebellion was eating bad food. All of a sudden, I was having whatever I wanted. I was having Fruity Pebbles! Then I started to notice such a significant change in the way I felt. I was exhausted, I was grumpy, my skin was awful, my body changed and I just didn't like how I felt,” she continued.

Following a visit to the nutritionist, she was finally convinced to part ways with her terrible diet.

“I was so young and dumb. I was like,' Oh, so my mom was doing a good thing!' I just thought she was nuts,” she said.

“Universally, we're all going to grow up and get old. You can't deny that, that is a guarantee. But we can be vital and we can be thriving in our years. Our society loves to say, ‘Oh, you're this age, now you go downhill. And now you go off to pasture and that's it, buh-bye. You're no longer valuable or useful to society.' And that's just so wrong. I just think that's just wrong,” she said.

“It's not just nutritional, it's emotional, it's spiritual. Be really mindful about what you put into your ears, your eyes, what you intake, the social media that you put in, the news. It's very, very, very, very crucial to our well-being,” she added.

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