Jennifer Lawrence ‘looking forward to becoming a mom’

Jennifer Lawrence is excited to become a mother .

The Oscar-winning actress is set to welcome her first child with her husband Cooke Maroney and a close to her revealed to People that she is “looking forward” to becoming a mother.

“Jen wanted a family for a long time and found an ideal mate whom she loves, respects and enjoys being around,” says the source.

“She loves married life, and they have a solid foundation for a baby. She is very happy and looking forward to being a mom.”

Regarding if she is planning to wind down her work the added that she will continue to keep acting.

“She loves her work and that will continue,” the adds.

“Like other actors, she will balance her and her life as a wife and mom. She will do it well. Jen is grounded and ready to be a parent because she loves family life.

The source adds that she is proudly “ambitious and craves her work.”

“She knows a fulfilled mom is better than one who gives up what she loves then regrets it,” the source says. “I doubt that would ever happen with her.”

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