Jennifer Lawrence slams Republicans pushing stricter voting regulations


American actor Jennifer Lawrence is criticizing the Republican  party over its efforts impose stricter voting regulations.

The Hunger Games star was seen promoting the For the People Act, which is presently in the Senate, in a video message for RepresentUs.

Lawrence berated the Republican party for trying to tighten the voting rules following the US general election last year in which the party lost the majority in the Senate as well as the presidency.

“Whatever your personal politics are, whatever side of the aisle you find yourself on, you need to know that your vote matters and the outcome of our elections are not maneuvered and manipulated,” says Lawrence in the video.

“In Texas, Georgia and Florida and 44 other states, there’s a radical wing of the Republican Party that is actively dismantling America’s right to vote because they don’t have the numbers to win otherwise,” she went on to say.

“Without Gerrymandering or shutting down hundreds of voting facilities within reach of minorities, and specifically targeting and carving out people of color, they can’t win. But this is cheating and it is not democracy,” she continued.

“There’s a in the Senate right now called the For the People Act and it can reverse these anti-voting laws and it can stop billionaires from being able to buy our elections. It even says that all voting machines need to be made here in the U.S. But it’s going to take a lot of from us to get it to pass,” she added.

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