Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck wanted to make relationship official on Instagram


Jennifer and Ben Affleck wanted to make their relationship debut on Instagram but  the paparazzi beat them to it.

According to a Page Six source, the couple planned to announce their relationship in a manner that was more controlled but photos of Ben allegedly vising the On The Floor hit maker’s kick started rumours.

“He stayed at her house [in April], and she was planning to make an announcement that they are back together on Instagram. It’s all about timing with her,” the source said.

While the couple has yet to make an official announcement, they have dropped plenty on Bennifer 2.0 hints.

Furthermore, a report by Us Weekly that the two are very happy with each other and are officially in a relationship.

“Jen and Ben are both very happy with each [other] and are excited to see where the relationship goes. They are full-on dating and very happy together,” said the source to the portal.

“Ben and Jen feel so close to each other very quickly. The old flame is absolutely rekindled. They picked up where they left off in terms of affection for each other,” they went on to say.

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