Jessika Power feels sorry for inflicting pain on husband

Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power said she sorry as she inflicted pain on her husband and Tamara Joy during the 2019 reality show. However, she said she did so as she was ‘broken inside’.

The 26-year-old made a clean breast of her guilt of hurting her ex-husband Mick and love rival Tamara. The actress admitted it was quite tough to watch herself back on the Married At First Sight which is why she was heartbroken while filming MAFS Australia.

“Watching back my time on the show I really regret the amount of pain I inflicted on Mick and Tamara [Joy], the situation could have been handled so differently,” Jessika told Entertainment Daily.

“I also had no sense of empathy or emotion and had my nose in everyone’s business.

“It’s really hard watching that Jess back because it’s so clear to me how broken I was inside, as a person to be that way towards others.”

Mick Gould broke down into tears when he found out her wife sneaked around with Dan Webb.

Jessika Power is considered one of the most controversial contestants of the show as she swapped husband Mick Gould for Dan Webb during the show. Having been recorded two years ago, the show’s explosive finale went on air on E4 last night for UK viewers.

The show’s finale was full of thrill for the fans who saw Jessika’s lies being exposed as her footage was shown to the contestants. The footage left Jessika shocked however, she defended herself saying that she didn’t proposition the “married” man.

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