Kate Bosworth gushes over ‘Remember the Titans’ anniversary in throwback post

Kate Bosworth recently turned to social media and gushed over the ‘big girl energy’ she had while filming Remember the Titiansin a 21st-anniversary tribute post.

Kate shared it all on Instagram with a collection of photos from the movie and a lengthy caption that captured her emotions fully.

The caption read, “Remember The Titans premiered Sept 29, 2000. (I was 16 years old!) Things I remember from making this special film… being nervous (I was a regular high school kid in a pretty unusual circumstance)!”

“The cast and crew were like family. Big sister energy for sweet 10 yr old Hayden Panettiere. My first crying scene (I sobbed in rehearsals and then panicked when I had nothing left when the cameras rolled, that was a learning lesson!) Ryan Gosling is a sweetheart (but you all already know that :)”

She concluded by adding, “I’m so happy this movie still resonates with so many. The connection movies can bring to us is something I truly cherish. Big love and thanks for the incredible support throughout the years … we are so grateful.

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