Kate Middleton forced to make a speedy exit from Wimbledon

Prince William's wife Kate Middleton, who's a regular attendee at the world- tennis competition, had a medical emergency that forced her to make a speedy exit from her favourite game.

The Princess of Wales, who's an excited fan of Wimbledon, once made a shock exit from the heated contest when she received an unexpected medical alert at the All England Club.

The 41-year-old Princess was about to watch British Dan Evans take to the court in 2021, but she discovered she had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid-19.

Kate, then the Duchess of Cambridge, was told she'd been in contact with someone with Covid-19. This meant the Princess was forced to rush home to Kensington Palace to carry out her quarantine period.

The mother-of-three had to receive her vaccine and it is believed she tested negative for the virus, reports the Mirror.

However, it did mean Prince Louis' mother had to miss some engagements that week. But she was out of isolation to return to Wimbledon for the ladies' final, which saw now-retired former number one Ashleigh Barty take the title.

Kate was also back at the club a day later for the men's final, won by Novak Djokovic for the third year in a row.

Top tennis players from around the world have descended upon southwest London once again this summer in a bid to win the Championships.

The much-adored royal recently tried her hand at the sport as she went head-to-head against the legendary Roger .

Princess Kate beat the eight-times champion during a royal visit to the iconic court. The Swiss ace couldn't contain his awe and gasped “Amazing!” as the royal served up her winning shot.

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