Kate Middleton suffered ‘creepy’ medical examination ‘

Experts reveal that Kate Middleton's fertility ‘determined' whether she was even allowed to marry Prince William.

The converastion was brought to light in a piece by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

The insights have been published to .com.au and according to their findings, Kate Middleton's “womb is the very reason she is now on the fast track to Queendom.”

She also referenced a revelation by author Tom Quinn in Gilded Youth.

There, he admitted, “The usual precautions were taken before” Kate Middleton was ‘allowed' to marry Prince William.

For those unversed, this medical exam in question was conducted to “ensure a queen is able to have children. If Kate had not been fertile,” and thus “there is little doubt the marriage would have been off” if she had failed.

Even Dian went through this, but “I was so innocent I just went along with everything at that stage” she once admitted.

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