Kate Upton turns climate activist for daughter

American baseball star Justin Verlander’s supermodel wife Kate Upton has partnered with Polar Bears International (PBI) and apparel firm Canada Goose to raise awareness about how global warming is affecting endangered species.

She revealed that her daughter Genevieve, one, inspired her to become a climate activist. “Everything I do, I want to do it for her. I want to do everything in my power to leave the earth in as good condition as possible for her and for future generations,” Kate told Vogue magazine.

Talking about her visit to Churchill in Canada, the polar bear capital of the world, where she shot the campaign, she said: “We were kept on the plane longer because there was a polar bear on the tarmac. The fact that polar bears were at the airport means that the sea ice hadn’t formed yet. What’s happening to the polar bear isn’t just staying in the Arctic. The melting sea ice is a sign that climate change is here, and that we need to take action.”

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