Katrina Kaif launches Kay Konversations to celebrate women of courage


As Katrina Kaif’s exclusive beauty brand, Kay Beauty, one year of its launch, she is all set to launch a new series titled Kay Konversations. It features inspiring stories women who have become icons of womanhood and their stories of courage. The first episode entails the journey of Ayesha Billimoria, an athlete, and author. Having met with an accident, she almost lost her leg and was paralysed. She talks about staying positive and strong and starting a new lease of life when she began walking and running all over again. Her story is a shining example of self-believe and perseverance.

Talking about the series, Katrina says, “In all the moments when I have faced struggles, it has always been the stories of inspiring women who have motivated me to keep going. I’m so to share with you what we have been working on at Kay Beauty. We present KAY KONVERSATIONS where we are featuring women who have overcome obstacles and faced their fears to realise their dreams. As women, we don’t fit into moulds and we are all unique and special in our own way.”

The superstar adds, “Beauty is about celebrating that uniqueness and being authentic to who you are, after all #ItsKayToBeYou. Our first Kay Konversation features Ayesha Billimoria, an athlete whose journey to the Olympics was interrupted by an accident. But that did not stop her from bouncing back and inspiring of others.”

For Katrina, beauty is all about embracing oneself and celebrating who we truly are. She has maintained that her make-up label is true and authentic to who she is. It is an extension of her personality and with the brand, she intends to crush all stereotypes attached to vanity and the standard definition of beauty. She has firmly believed that make-up should be fun and not daunting.

With Kay Konversations, Katrina, a powerful voice for women empowerment, is sure to set a trend and shatter the glass ceiling!

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