Kendall Jenner angers fans with her Astroworld Festival post

Kendall caught backlash for her snap she shared while attending Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival on Friday that ended in tragedy after eight people lost their lives.

The 26-year-old fashionista, who is sister of Scott’s ex Kylie Jenner, posted a photo of herself standing behind Travis Scott’s massive stage sipping a drink with the caption, “Will you be at the mountain?”

The supermodel reportedly changed the caption of the photo after the tragedy and added a mountain top emoji in reference to the ’s stage called Utopia Mountain.

Her followers and fans reacted to the post , slamming the runway star for even keeping the photo on her page in light of the loss of life. They expressed their anger in the comment section, with one person wrote: “Take this down.”

“Insensitive,” said another. The third one responded as writing: “Yeah, take a photo in of the stage where people died. Really classy.”

Another expressed anger by saying: “8 people died at the concert… this pic is tone-deaf.”

At least eight people died and numerous others were injured in what officials described as a surge of the crowd at Astroworld while Scott was performing o Friday.

Kendall has not responded or cooled down the followers with her reply about her post that caught backlash.

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