Khloe Kardashian spills the beans on struggles with body image


Khloe Kardashian has finally decided to come out about her self-image struggles as well as  the life-long hatred she has harbored for her “chubby cheeks.”

The reality TV star was quoted telling People , “It’s so funny. The older I get, the more everyone tells me I look more like my mom. I didn’t realise how much she and I have the exact same cheeks – I have really big cheeks! When we smile, we kind of have these big balls. My whole life everyone made fun of me for having these chubby cheeks.”

“The older you get, you kind of slender out. Everyone’s like, ‘Are your cheeks real? People pay for those cheeks.’ I’ve always been told that as a kid. I was like, ‘Why would people pay for these big cheeks?’ But now I love them.”

She concluded by saying, “My mom has such a beautiful face and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I love when my mom and I smile. I see so many even on my Instagram that we look the same. I don’t know what else to them, but it’s kind of like these balls on our cheeks when we smile. I think it’s so cute. I love it.”

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