Kim Kardashian gets flak for photoshop fail


Kardashian has been accused of editing a photo of herself.

The Skims founder shared a bikini photo with her 219 million followers.

The photo, which garnered over 2 million likes, saw some eagle-eyed fans accuse the star of a Photoshop fail as she appeared to only have four toes on her right foot.

Other users pointed out that the straps of her bikini around her waist did not look like it was connected to anything, another tell-tale sign of photoshop.

“Is anyone going to talk about how her bikini string doesn’t connect?” one user commented after dubbing her the “Queen of Photoshop.”

“What’s going on with your foot?” another asked.

“Kim, four toes? Really?” commented another follower.

“When will you and your family stop Photoshopping yourselves to set this wildly unrealistic beauty standard for all the young girls who look up to you? Just be authentically you. You’re just as beautiful without trying so damn hard to flex on Instagram.”

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