Kim Kardashian interacted with Tom Brady after Kanye West rant

Kim Kardashian is not dating Tom Brady but an insider claimed that there are chances of a possible romance between the duo.

Amid rumours that the reality TV mega star is dating the former NFL player, it was reported that Kardashian and Brady have already been on a dinner date.

A source spilt to The Sun that The Kardashians star and Brady, who got divorced from ex Gisele Bundchen last year, had dinner after they reconnected over Kanye West’s online rant.

The insider further revealed that Kardashian is on a hunt for a vacation home in Brady’s neighborhood and has been asking him for property advice.

“He set her up with a few places to look at and she came over [and] they did dinner,” the insider told the publication.

“She’s known him for a few years, not close or anything much but through her previous ex Reggie [Bush], but this year they have started to chat.

Kim Kardashian first interacted with Tom Brady when she had to send her apologies to him after her ex-husband said in a scathing rant that she should go marry him.

The duo then reconnected when Brady left a comment on West’s Instagram post which made the rapper go on a rant on Pete Davidson, who Kardashian was dating at the time.

“The [Instagram] chats started from there – then they moved to phone chatting… she’s saying just friends but there is a spark,” the insider said of their relationship.

However, denying the reports of their romance, a source told Page Six, “Kim and Tom are friendly. She phoned him and asked him for his advice on Baker’s Bay.”

The insider said that there is currenting “no romance” between Kardashian and Brady.

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